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Submitted by Paolo on May 18, 2017
Advolv Hero


Last year, the team at Advolv started providing social media management services. Our goal was to generate leads, and increase engagement and reach for our clients. While working on multiple accounts, we found that we needed to develop automation software to increase our productivity and search precision, so we created a software engine to help us.

Given a bit of input, like Twitter user handles, hashtags or keywords, Advolv identifies a market of social media users that we call an audience. With the audience built, we are able to provide three main features:

  • Identification of influencers
  • Discovery of the audience's most commonly used words
  • Delivery of relevant, third-party news



After building a social graph and filtering out bots, Advolv's engine analyzes each account and ranks them. We then select the top performing accounts, putting extra weight on those that don't have huge followings. These are "regular joes" called microinfluencers. They are active online, get good engagement on their posts, and have recently posted (we only look at the last 7 days of activity) about the handles or keywords that were input for the audience build. Because of their modest following, they're usually very approachable, and engaging them commonly leads to conversion events and new brand ambassadors.



Knowing which hashtags and keywords are relevant to your audience is important. This marketing intelligence can be used to format your social posts, decide which subjects to write blog posts about and even shed light on how to improve your SEO and SEM campaigns.


Feed Activity

As social media managers, one of our priorities is to keep our social feeds active. We try to source organic content like photos and tidbits of product knowledge, or write blog posts but it can be a struggle to get one or more of these pieces of content every day. What most people do is retweet others or look for third-party news to link. This can take awhile, leaving less time for social selling or other business. By scanning the news and emailing links with summaries daily, this task takes only minutes.


There are a few different ways our clients use Advolv:

  • Social Media Marketers who would like to be able to service more clients simultaneously
  • Startups and small businesses that don't have the budget for a marketing manager
  • Thought leaders who would like to get intel on conferences
  • Growth hackers who are looking to connect with the right people for online selling

On average, Advolv users report saving 2-4 hours per day and increased lead generation for their clients. There's a free 15-day trial that includes all features. Visit us at Advolv.com to get started.